This is information about hernia (rupture), including how hernias occur and how they are repaired. If you still have questions please ask your doctor for more information… [read more]

Once a hernia has appeared, it will ultimately increase in size because of the abdominal pressure. For this reason, together with the risk of strangulation, hernias should be repaired unless there is a serious medical condition preventing surgery… [read more]

Depending on the type of your hernia, a laparoscopic repair might well be the best option for you. With Laparoscopy there is possibly less pain than with the conventional repair… [read more]

This is a newer technique and has become available largely because of new development of special meshes which have two sides, one that adheres to the muscle layer and the other, which is exposed to the intestines, is smooth and non-adherent to avoid bowel sticking to it… [read more]