We aim to provide surgery for every one regardless of their colour or race and we hope that this will come true one day. Our surgeon is a caring doctor who will perform a thorough (and sometimes lengthy) evaluation to ensure safety and accuracy of treatment. As a testament to our care & expertise, we have received many gratifying letters and great satisfaction from our service. Every so often, we become involved in the management of patients who have had a less than ideal outcome from other centres.
This is an example of these testimonials.

Dear Mr. Sayegh

As you know I’ve recently undergone the yearly check-up following my Laparoscopic Fundoplication surgery and I felt it is an appropriate time to drop you a line.

In the first instance, I would merely like to say thank you, not just for a successful operation which has changed my life, or for your concern and understanding during my initial apprehension but for your passion and dedication to ensuring a totally caring and professional experience.

I was extremely nervous about the surgery but mostly about being ‘Knocked out’. I’d always dreaded the thought of anaesthesia and being at the mercy of a surgeon who could mess up and explain away the consequences. It was your manner and dedication to fully explaining the process that won me over; so again I thank you for persevering with a quivering 52 year old male.

Immediately prior to the operation, you came to see me with a big smile (big enough to hide my frown) and once again you went through things in a calming way. When we met in the operating suite, I was met with more reassuring smiles from the other staff, along with considerable humorous banter that eased the tension. As you can probably tell, by now I was beginning to enjoy the experience. So much so that I didn’t feel the insertion of the needle or various medications that were applied, and neither did I feel the anaesthetic.

Since I recovered physically I have improved in every sense. Apart from my upbeat manner I am fitter and have more energy. Also, the tiny scars are well healed and hardly visible.

I am also delighted with your dedication to keeping tabs on me and checking regularly that all is well. I was amazed by your reaction when I said after the yearly check that I didn’t see a reason for a more, because you said ‘well if you don’t mind I will ring you anyway just to see how things are progressing’ as I said earlier, passion and dedication.

Mr. Michael D Hoult


Dear Mr. Sayegh I would just like to thank you again officially for your skill and caring service in sorting out my hernia, it was almost a pleasure! Diana Godwin

I am just writing to say thank you for doing my gallbladder operation and to express my great admiration for the way the whole thing was carried out in a very professional and friendly manner. M J Bennett.


Dear Mr. Sayegh Thank you for the great care you showed me when I developed my gall bladder problems. I do a certain amount of sailing on my own, and the though of being caught with a recurrence of that awful pain when six or more hours from harbour would have prevented any adventuring for the foreseeable future.I was told I was in safe hands, and so it proved. How medicine has changed! In hospital one day, and out the next day is to me almost unbelievable. I am making an excellent recovery and I am most grateful to you for your help. I count myself extremely fortunate to have had you as my surgeon. Dr. N M Campbell


Dear Mr. Sayegh

Few words to say a very sincere thank you for the care, kindness, courtesy in the course of treatment I received from you and your team over the last few months.

A big thank you and a wish for health and happiness to you Theresa Noble


Dear Mr. Sayegh Many thanks for your kindness and support towards my husband Michael and myself, both before and after his operation. You’re a credit to the hospital Thanks againMrs. M Burch

Dear Mr. Sayegh Thank you very much for seeing me on Tuesday evening and allaying my fears and uncertainty.The way you talked me through all the problems past and present was a great help and very much appreciated.Thank you once again for you care. Lillian Lovejoy

Dear Mr. Sayegh Thank you not only for what appear to be excellent surgery but even more so for your very kind and considerate attention to my wife and myself, and for your greatly appreciated letters and telephone calls. All seems to be going well now and I look forward to getting the all clear from you in due course.Sincerely L Blenkinsopp  

Mr. Sayegh

My sincere thanks for all of the care and consideration you have shown me before, during and after my recent operation. I know just how much your kindness has meant to both Margaret and myself.

Thank you!

P.S. Oh! By the way, I am really feeling surprisingly well. N West 

Dear Mr Sayegh I write to thank you for your skill and professionalism concerning my recent operation. Thanks to you, I am well on the way to recovery.I also thank you for making me feel a ‘cared for’ patient through your open approach to the exchange of information and advice.Many, Many thanks  John Pullen

Dear Mr Sayegh Thank you so much for the care and attention you gave me during my recent operation. You did put me at ease and explained everything beautifully. The wounds look good and I am really happy that every thing went just as you said it would. It is lovely to be out of pain and I know the whole thing will soon be back to normal.Very Best wishes to you Ann Greatorex

Testimonial for work of Mr Sayegh – Laparoscopic CholecystectomyGallbladder removal from diagnosis to follow up of the operation After admission to hospital following a severe attack of pain, which subsequently was diagnosed as a gallstone Mr Sayegh was assigned as my consultant. He immediately put me at my ease with his thorough explanation of the condition and how it was affecting me. He was able to explain very clearly what the procedure for removal of the gallbladder would entail, and his diagrams were very informative too! I was reassured that this was the best course of action for my condition and was left with no worries about the impending operation. As it happened I was in hospital after the original diagnosis for longer than had been expected as soon as Mr Sayegh was aware of this he came to see me, and was able to confirm that the reaction would not impede the work that was to be done. The preparation for the operation was excellent. I was talked through the whole procedure at outpatients and again, everything was very clear. Mr Sayegh’s calm manner was evident at all times. The operation day came and he was here to explain again what would happen, and how I would feel afterwards. Everything went according to plan, I am pleased to say. Mr Sayegh followed up the operation with a visit to the ward later that day and was most reassuring and informative about how the procedure had gone. He even told me about the photos of the operation! One month later at outpatients I saw the said photos and Mr Sayegh’s explanation, to me as a lay-person, was very clear. He could not have been more supportive. He advised me how to continue with normal life at all stages. Praise too must go to his secretary, who was always at the end of the phone if I had a query. I would be happy to talk to anyone who is in a similar position as I was. My condition struck out of the blue. It was scary at first, but thanks to Mr Sayegh and his team I was treated excellently and speedily, whilst at all times was reassured and informed.

Ann Greatorex